Client Testimonials

Deanna mentored me to become the leader that she knew I could be. She successfully assisted me in regaining confidence, direction and identifying major strategic initiatives that would fast track me toward achieving some key business wins.
Deanna has first-rate consultancy skills, utilising extensive technical and communication strategies to develop the individual.  She is solution driven with a strong commercial understanding and focus. Deanna is an experienced leader and motivator and my achievements over the last 6 months working with her, are nothing short of transformational.  It included rebuilding a team of 14, the optimal utilisation of internal resources and external expertise and re-alignment of my personal goals and focus areas.   Deanna was extremely adaptable, and no matter what challenge I had, she helped me arrive at an effective solution.  I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Deanna – and I’d be happy to provide further feedback if requested. Associate Director Marketing & Business Development – global accounting firm

Good Morning Deanna,  I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your presentation, time and words last night at the Women in Engineering Seminar.  I found your positivity, openness and candid reflections of yourself thoroughly enjoyable, relatable and more importantly, real.  Your words left me thinking all night about where I am headed, the direction I want to go and having a game plan for what I want to achieve in both career and life.  I also really enjoyed having the time to reflect about my personal brand, think about what brand I put out to the world and think of how others may perceive me and if those two align. I am very much looking forward to your next Seminar later this year, but in the meantime have set some homework milestones to engage in the community more with the plan to get on  a board in the near future.
Contracts Manager

Hey Deanna,  I just wanted to fill you in on how my performance discussion went after our Skype session. I was much better equipped to stand up for myself and present my strengths which worked in my favour. After our discussion I felt much more clear about my value and what I contribute, mostly to not to let people dictate how I felt about myself and what I offer.  I felt I did a really good job of just saying what I had to say and leaving it at that. Not just speaking to fill in the silence,  it felt quite powerful.  I felt I could command the conversation more by saying less which was interesting.  Thanks again for our initial session and your generosity, I really gained a lot out of talking to you about my profile and it also helped me to better understand the purpose of  Extended DISC as well.
HR Professional

Thank you for the most productive hour I have spent in a very long time.  I came away from our meeting feeling “I can do this” and believing in myself as a coach.  The very things I am coaching others to do have been my primary stumbling blocks in marketing myself – taking responsibility and believing in myself.  Spending time with you changed my perspective- you are a coach extraordinaire.
Executive coach