Coaching in Confidence

How many times have you heard someone say “you just have to be confident”  or “be more confident!” as if it were something you can just take like a vitamin… but no-one seems to tell you how.  The key has to be in knowing yourself, understanding your talents and abilities and having someone support you in playing to to your strengths.  There will be many circumstances that will have caused you to temporarily lose confidence, we also know that some people are naturally confident outgoing people – but not everyone is.  We recognise that there is a crisis of confidence amongst well credentialled individuals.  It’s not about what you know, it’s how you feel and how you present yourself that will give you that sense of confidence.  Gaining confidence is a process that develops with the right support and with an insight into what makes you tick.

Testimonials from recent clients.

Thank you for your time today.  You are one amazing individual and you never fail to inspire, motivate and encourage out of the box thinking!  Senior Manager Clients & Markets

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your presentation, time and words last night at the Women in Engineering Seminar.  I found your positivity, openness and candid reflections of yourself thoroughly enjoyable, relatable and more importantly, real.  Your words left me thinking all night about where I am headed, the direction I want to go and having a game plan for what I want to achieve in both career and life.  I also really enjoyed having the time to reflect about my personal brand, think about what brand I put out to the world and think of how others may perceive me and if those two align.
I am very much looking forward to your next Seminar later this year, but in the meantime have set some homework milestones to engage in the community more with the plan to get on  a board in the near future.   Manager, Contracts

Thank you so much for having a chat to me last night. I went away feeling really good about what I have to offer. Lately I haven’t been feeling so much that way for all the reasons we discussed, so it was good to get that clarity and refocus on what I need to do next.  I shall be preparing for that meeting next week. I have been going into those meetings feeling really powerless, but I can recognise that it isn’t really helping. I have to own who I am and what I can bring – thank you for talking me through this.  HR professional

For more information on Coaching in Confidence please call Deanna Lane on 0416295898.

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