Articles by Deanna Lane

Deanna Lane is a published author and speaker.  Below is a selection of articles she has written as Editor for a membership publication and various professional journals.

  • 5 things to consider before starting your own law firm
    For more than 25 years I have worked inside, consulted to, observed and advised the leadership teams of top tier law and mid tier accounting firms on business growth strategies and what I know for sure is that a law firm is so much more than the pure practice of law – whichever way you look at it – it is actually a microbusiness… and so this article asks 5 questions you should consider before you start your own firm.
  • From Inspiration to Innovation through to implementation
    How do you inspire everyone in an organisation (whether small or large) to come up with innovative ideas. Who inspires innovation, how can businesses create an environment where innovation can flourish and importantly who sets the blueprint that supports an ongoing culture of innovation. How do you keep staff motivated during what may be a very lengthy process from approval through to implementation/outcomes.
  • Getting back to the management fundamentals
    One thing that is clear in the business community it’s time to get back to basics and in particular the fundamentals of both life and business. Management fundamentals begin with values. They are the things that are important to us as individuals and as organisations. Values such as quality, integrity, customer focus, commitment, willingness to give to others, trust, passion, service and harmony. Values sit at the core of our being. They drive our behaviour. When we know what is important to us and our business, we are closer to finding the answer of how to survive.
  • Leadership in troubled timesThe ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”Martin Luther King, Jr.
    In these troubled times a new leader will emerge… those currently in leadership roles may need to adjust their styles and attitudes.  Those who were previously seen as followers will need to step up and acquire new skills and more leadership responsibility than in the past, and this will require greater courage, wisdom and compassion.  The new leader will not rely on titles or positions of power to make them a good leader, neither will they need an external power to ‘bestow’ the role of leadership upon them.  What they will require is inner strength and character.
  • What happens when you are left behind… the reality of redundancies
    Right now, businesses are being affected by circumstances beyond their control. Global financial uncertainty, massive retrenchments, budget cuts, manufacturing plants closing down are just some of headlines we read.   But it isn’t just the organisation that is impacted, every employee will be worried about  job security and their wellbeing?   We hear horror stories of some being encouraged to take holidays only to return and find that they no longer have their job and so it’s understandable to think that anyone who is made redundant suffers the most.   But what about  those staff who are left behind.  They are now covering double the workload from their colleagues, they are stressed, worried about their own jobs and wondering when the other shoe will drop.  In this paradigm of fear, effective decision-making and productivity decreases, creating more pressure on the organisation to reduce costs; clients get frustrated because they aren’t getting anywhere near the level of interest or  service from the organisation and may take their work elsewhere.
  • Wallet vs. the Planet… can we have both?
    Who decides whether we have a healthy planet or a healthy wallet? Over the past few years,  businesses have invested heavily in infrastructure supporting carbon trading, airlines charged us a carbon credit levy and experts told us to wake up to the significance of climate change and global warming.   These issues of economy and environment impact not only large organisations, but also hit small businesses, individuals and families.

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