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db-fastlane-2David Bentley

Leadership Collaboration

Fastlane Consulting Group is delighted to welcome David Bentley as part of our collaborative community.  David is a respected author, speaker, facilitator – and most importantly an executive leadership coach. David’s experience with iconic organisations both in Australia and internationally has equipped him with a unique insight into how leadership can impact an organisation’s success.  David is sought after for his guidance when developing a new leadership team as well as by those organisations seeking to refresh and energise their management and teams.  David’s book Naked Leadership is about to celebrate its 10th year in print and it is a valuable resource for anyone in a leadership position.  David and Deanna Lane will be collaborating on a series of workshops and seminars designed to deliver the ‘how to’ of leadership.  We believe that ‘what makes people tick will make you money… what ticks people off will cost you money”  David and Deanna will focus on both.  To book a keynote, workshop or if you are seeking a dynamic facilitator,  we look forward to hearing from you.