Tip 4: Understand yourself

One of the most important life skills for anyone to have is a clear insight into your strengths and an understanding of your development areas.   Often referred to as  Emotional Intelligence, being aware of yourself and how you are perceived is a skill that can either be a natural part of your behaviour or it can be taught.  Understanding yourself clearly can help learn techniques when negotiating pay increases, seeking promotion, navigating difficult conversations or speaking in public – it’s about having someone in your corner whatever the situation.  Over the past 7 years we have used Extended DISC profiling to help people understand themselves better and then go about helping them play to their strengths. Everyone is an individual and we act as a personal adviser or a sounding board. For more information on how having our own personal Extended DISC profile and mentoring session can help you in work or life, contact Deanna Lane on 0416295898.

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