Workshops and Keynotes

Today, more than ever, wherever a person is on their career path, having the right skills and the ability to communicate your purpose and value are essential to career success.

Business in the fastlane is a series of practical workshops that form a business education and personal development program designed to meet the needs of individuals and businesses in today’s economic climate.

With greater competition and opportunity, there has never been a better time to focus on differentiating yourself and your business.  We work with you on the total package, including personal skills development and mentoring for business success.

Workshop themes include the ‘how to’ of:

  • Influence and how you are perceived;
  • Persuasive Communication;
  • Keynotes and presentations that set you apart from the rest;
  • How to get your clients to become your greatest supporters/referrers;
  • Client entertainment – the art of eating, drinking and mingling effectively;
  • Board and Committee meetings -the 80/20 of effective meetings.
  • The art of successful tenders/bids.